Eliminate the 3 Silent PROFIT Killers in Your Dental Practice
These SILENT KILLERS are NOT so quiet! And they definitely have a BIG impact on your bottom line.

When you add up the losses from these profit killers, you are looking at $250,000 per year, EASILY for a $1 million dollar practice. If you have a bigger practice, it gets worse! (More details below...)

Why listen to me?

My name is Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA. I'm the CEO of All-Star Dental Academy®. Our proprietary training systems have helped over 10,000 dental professionals transform their practices into profitable, premier patient-care providers. (More about me and All-Star below...)

And don't just take my word for it, we are the only practice management training company backed by the following prestigious institutions...

Let's look closer at the SILENT KILLERS.

We call them SILENT KILLERS because they DRAIN money from your practice without you noticing them. BUT there is no question that they hurt. In this webinar we shine the light on them, and show you HOW TO FIX THEM!

These issues were a HUGE challenge before the current crisis and now they have become WORSE.


(1) Whatever "pent-up" demand for dentistry there was is vanishing
(2) Patients are even more fearful of a visit to your office. High anxiety means fewer appointments and more no-shows.
(3) It is difficult to find, retain, and train team members... more so than ever before!

So, what can you do about it?

Register for our WEBINAR and LEARN...

  • How small and simple changes in the way your team works will yield MASSIVE improvements to your bottom line

  • How to uncover hundreds of thousands in revenue with just two basic skill sets. MOST companies want to charge you thousands to learn about these skills. I’m giving it away for FREE!

  • The ONE thing that 97% of dentists are not doing, but know they SHOULD be doing… AND the one investment that guarantees success!

  • How to reduce turnover by 25%, motivate team members, become 400% more productive, and ultimately have your business work for you, rather than you working for your business.

"More proof of the effectiveness of All-Star... I had my best month ever for my office in September. I produced 3 times what I averaged each month when I first took over this practice. Before All-Star's training, I was averaging $45,000 a month. This September I did $134,000. The office is definitely humming right along now. On track to finish the year with $1.3 million in collections." - Dr. Cody Calderwood

More about me, Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA...

Alex is an international speaker, attorney, bestselling author, and a former Tony Robbins top business coach. From family-owned enterprises to industry juggernauts with annual revenues over US $100 million, Alex has helped transform businesses of all shapes and sizes. Through his highly sought-after training at the All Star Dental Academy, Alex has helped over 5000 dental professionals achieve higher profits and a stronger market footprint.

Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA

All-Star Dental Academy CEO

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